Spread the Joy

One of my greatest passions is advocating for others. Being a source of inspiration and joy to others is a delight.

One of the many programs which I support is the Baskets of Smiles program by LaBella Baskets Company. 

This program supports single mothers every where by contributing a portion of the company’s proceeds from sales every month to single mothers. 

Purchasing any gift from LaBella Baskets contributes positively to the lives of these single mothers. The Basket of Smiles program encourages the single mothers, recognizes them and let’s them know they are appreciated and not alone.

LaBella Baskets is a Gift Company with gifts for every occasion.

 To learn more and join in contributing positively to the lives of single mothers this holiday and Christmas season, consider shopping for your gifts at http://www.delights.labellabaskets.com.

Lets spread the joy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!